Toxic metals in our environment can be an underlying issue in many types of illness especially in cardiovascular and neurological diseases. Dr. Schwartz is certified by the American College for the Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), in Chelation Therapy and treats patients for heavy metal poisoning. Using laboratory tests, Dr. Schwartz can evaluate if heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium or arsenic are contributing to a patient’s health issues.Stream
There are many techniques that Dr. Schwartz uses to help rid the body of toxic metals and a specific protocol based on ones unique needs is determined on an individual basis. Since her protocols are customized, for some she begins with gentle cleansing and homeopathic preparations before undergoing any type of active chelation. When using oral or intravenous protocols, adequate support for liver, colon and kidney cleansing is always provided to assure that side effects are minimal. One aspect of dealing with heavy metals is to eliminate the source of the exposure. This can mean a major cleaning in the home and often dental work to eliminate amalgam fillings in the mouth that may be adding to the total body burden. Dr. Schwartz works alongside several dentists in the Portland area who are experienced in the safe and effective removal of amalgams from the body. She can provide an appropriate referral and works in conjunction with the dentists to time treatments.